Houston Police Shoot Suspect At a Mall After He Allegedly Shot A Deputy

Houston Police Shoot Suspect At a Mall After He Allegedly Shot A Deputy

You Engage on Social Media-But Are You Engaging?

Many businesses get one very basic thing about social media engagement wrong. The average entrepreneur thinks about engagement in terms of single interactions. A post that gets a lot of shares and likes is not really engaging the audience. It’s only when there is a long-term relationship that you really start engaging.

Ransomware’s Threat to Your Computers, Network and Information

Ransomware is an insidious malware threat that is on-the-rise. You need to prepare now to avoid becoming a victim.

Rapid Prototyping: Some Major Benefits of the Technology

Today, if you want to excel in the field of manufacturing, you should move fast. Therefore, today’s manufacturers are so fond of rapid prototyping, which is a design workflow that comprises testing, prototyping and ideation. Basically, with RP, designers can work quickly to come up with great ideas and validated them.

North By Northwest Announces New Workshop – Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Most Entrepreneurs or Professionals are probably too busy trying to be successful to worry about taking care of themselves. But if entrepreneurs don’t take care of themselves first, they won’t last. Entrepreneurs overwhelmingly feel that they are never off duty. There is the never-ending pressure to achieve and succeed – which becomes overwhelming and stressful. To be successful entrepreneurs and professionals need to step back.

Do Prospects Know, Like, and Trust Your Brand?

If people know, like, and trust your content, they will want to do business with you. It doesn’t take an ace marketing team to figure that one out. And yet, many brands fail at one of these crucial elements all too often.