Hearing For Woman Accused of Murdering & Decapitating Lover (Taylor Schabusiness)

Hearing For Woman Accused of Murdering & Decapitating Lover (Taylor Schabusiness)

7 Email Rules You Absolutely Must Break

Many rules have changed over the years. The use of PowerPoint as a presentation tool, once mandatory, is now old hat, and often seen as outdated. Same with email marketing… rules that applied to marketing in the past should now be seen as a challenge to do better. When was marketing ever as simple as Black and White? Who could ever say definitely that a whacky marketing idea would never work? Fact is, so long as you don’t break any laws, all strategies are up for consideration.

Jewelry Trade Show Tip: Make Your Booth Interactive

When it comes to joining trade shows and craft fairs, most jewelry sellers try their best to create a jewelry display that can drive more foot traffic into their booth. A good number of days, or even weeks are spent preparing a attention worthy necklace display and booth decoration.

Choosing Between PayPal And The Square For Mobile Payment Processing

For the small business owner who is considering the implementation of mobile payment processing, the number of choices available can make the decision extremely difficult. Today, the battle for market share in the mobile payment processing industry is being hard fought between two major players – PayPal and Square.

How to Make Your Club Better As a Manager

If you are a manager or a president of a country club, then you should be thinking of different ways to improve your country club. If the club is in need of being updated, then you would be looking to arrange a meeting with board members to determine the budget. Once the budget is finalized, then you can start thinking about the things that needs the most attention.

Advantages of Video Marketing in Small Business

Aside from being in an intensely competitive market, small businesses must also defy impediments that large businesses don’t face, including an absence of financial assets, an absence of brand recognition, and a lack of qualified sales representatives. To adjust, small businesses must figure out how to ratchet up their marketing programs.