‘He Was Never the Same,’ Christian Ferguson’s Mother Testifies

‘He Was Never the Same,’ Christian Ferguson’s Mother Testifies

How Small Business Coaching Helps Small Business Owners

Since most small business are only known to locals or a small group of people, its owners are at stake of being alone as they face the challenges their respective ventures undertake. Small business coaching should be sought when times like this come as no one else can save struggling small business other than its owner.

GSM Gateway Telephone Systems Technology For Small Business – Because It Works

If you spend over $200 a month on calls to mobiles on your fixed line phone bill, a GSM Gateway Telephone System for your small business could mean dramatically lower costs. How? By taking advantage of the fact that mobile to mobile calls are cheaper than landline to mobile calls. The enormous growth in the use of mobile phones has led to increased costs for business. For many companies 80% of their costs can come from 20% of calls typically to mobiles.

Small Business + Small Child = Big Trouble?

Businesses are like babies: they need to be constantly nurtured if they are to grow. But what happens when you have an actual baby to look after, as well as a fledgling or established business? How can you fit in work around a small child’s demands? This article explores the problems that might crop up when combining a business and a family and offers some solutions.

Emergency Communication Network Equipment

In an interesting IT Government tender, the Commonwealth represented by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is seeking a contractor to provide Emergency Communications Equipment to be deployed at particular locations overseas over a period of five years. DFAT’s Emergency Communication Network requires equipment that is independent of the local infrastructure communication to provide service to a varied amount of staff, buildings and vehicles in emergencies or general administration situations within variable geographical locations and risks. Emergency communications equipment that is independent of local infrastructure communication means thinking outside the square for most of us.

How to Make Money Doing Puppet Shows

A guide to creating a small business doing puppet shows. Children’s entertainment can be a viable career or a way to make extra money. This article discusses how to get started, what materials are needed and how to promote the business.