Ghislaine Maxwell Claims She's a Victim, Britney Spears Ex-Husband Faces Trial (L&C Daily)

Ghislaine Maxwell Claims She’s a Victim, Britney Spears Ex-Husband Faces Trial (L&C Daily)

3 Of the Most Common Ways to Finance Your Start-Up Business Today

Times are changing and financing your start-up business is getting harder and harder. But, these 3 three common financing methods may just be your answer.

Market Research For Small Business

Market research and knowing about your customer can truly transform your business and dramatically increase your profits. Read on for tips on how to conduct your own market research with little or no money.

The Marketing Plan for Small Business

A marketing plan for small business, can truly transform your business. At its smallest contribution, a marketing plan can start you thinking about aspects of your business that you hadn’t before. At its best, it will increase your sales, customer base and strengthen your brand. Best of all, it will help boost your profits.

How Will the Debt Ceiling Deal Affect Small Businesses?

The date has finally arrived: August 2, 2011 – the deadline by which the U.S. government must pass a deal to raise the debt ceiling if our country is to avoid facing catastrophic economic consequences. Somewhat predictably, only hours before the actual deadline, the House has passed a deal that will not only raise the debt ceiling, but also enact other fiscal policies that are aimed at reducing federal government spending.

Small Business Coaching: Plan Your Business Success

Even the most successful entrepreneurs who started from small beginnings know the importance of small business coaching. The former have a lot in common especially in their attitudes. Two of those are the willingness to take risks and the boldness to seek professional guidance when it comes to their businesses.