Front Desk Employee Testifies on Penthouse Incident (Makes Johnny Laugh)

Front Desk Employee Testifies on Penthouse Incident (Makes Johnny Laugh)

Do You Need Your Independence or a Team?

Do you like to create your own ideas and have lots of autonomy to execute them or do you prefer to be a member of a team and toss ideas around? Are you a venturesome doer and interested in the achievement of tangible results? Or, do you prefer a work environment where you handle familiar work in which you have experience and training?

Booklets, Radio, and Joint Ventures

Tips booklets are ideal vehicles for many of your radio show audiences and for those who host the radio interview. They can all easily learn more about your expertise than you can share during the length of a radio interview and they will have a unique reminder of you for reference long after your interview is over. Not only are your booklets great for audiences, bringing the tips booklet format to listeners and hosts can immediately increase your value and everyone’s bottom line.

Asset Based Loans Offer Better Cash Flow Solutions

Asset-based loans are usually from commercial finance companies (as opposed to banks) that are offered on a revolving basis and collateralized by a company’s assets, specifically accounts receivable and inventory. So its importanct for businesses that are looking to expand or even entrepreneurs who are looking to set up new businesses.

Morale, Psychology and Small Business – How to Make It Work

Psychology in business is an important and often ignored aspect of the overall health of a business. A business owner or manager cannot open the yellow pages and look up a Business Psychologist and, if you could, what kind of couch would he have for a company?

Five Ways to Keep It Friendly on Facebook

Small businesses are grappling with how to communicate their brand on Facebook. Here are some ways to keep the conversation friendly and professional.