Friend Says He Witnessed Amber Heard Yelling at Johnny Depp

Friend Says He Witnessed Amber Heard Yelling at Johnny Depp

Security Safes for Business – 5 Tips to Eliminate Cash Loss in Your Business

In the 10 years that I owned a cash business, I lost my daily cash takings on one occasion. I know it wasn’t staff because I took the days lodgement home for the weekend. Years previously, a relative lost a days takings from his garden center only to find it a few years later down under the cushions of the sofa. Money goes missing regularly in any cash business and most losses happen because of opportunists – customers or staff – who seize the moment. They know that cash handling procedures are lax and security is not taken seriously.

Preparing Your Business for the Federal Year-End Buying Season: Part Three

During the Fourth Quarter of the Fiscal Year (Q4) federal agency contracting offices and the contracting officials who “make it happen” are working as diligently as they can to quickly but responsively contract for goods and/or services to meet the needs of their internal customers. The key here is to move the procurement process along as fast as possible without violating any acquisition regulations or other contracting regulatory guidance. One great solution for the busy contracting official is to use existing GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts (often referred to as “schedules”) to procure what they need. And you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

How Small Business Should Prepare For a Hurricane or Tropical Cyclone

The question is will business owners be prepared if and when a powerful storm packing heavy rain and winds in excess of 80 mile per hour should their city. These monstrous storms are classified in three different types of groups according to their intensity and according to where they are located, for example a storm in the Northwestern Pacific is called a typhoon, while if it is in the Northeast Pacific Basin is known as a Hurricane and lastly if it was in the Indian Ocean it would be called a cyclone. Regardless, all are intense weather conditions…

4 Ways to Save the Environment and Money at the Office

Being environmentally conscious at the office is a great way to do your part in protecting the environment and setting a good example for others. By employing the following suggestions, you can actually help save money and cut down on operational overhead!

How to Open a Bike Shop

Wondering how to open a bike shop and take advantage of the ever-increasing popularity of cycling? Wherever you are, there are certain steps you must take and issues to focus on before you can open a successful bike shop business. Here’s how.