Former College Football Player Charged in Shooting of 19-Year-Old Woman (L&C Daily)

Former College Football Player Charged in Shooting of 19-Year-Old Woman (L&C Daily)

The Benefits of Having Management Accounts Prepared for a Small Business

Small business owners should prepare management accounts alongside financial accounts. Management accounts are important for tracking, recording and reporting financial information for management purposes.

Booklet Tips – Shelf Life Vs. Online

Does it matter to you or your quantity buyers how long your tips booklet content stays in front of people? Or is it more important to get that information out as quickly and inexpensively as possible before moving on and generating more information? Maybe a combination of both functions is really what matters.

What First Impression Does Your Business Give?

If you run a small business what impression do you convey to potential new clients and customers? How do they perceive you and the way you run your business? Subtle things can make such a difference. Here are a few thoughts on the subject.

Eligibility Checking Part 2: Taking a Proactive Approach

In Part 1 of our post on patient eligibility verification, we examined some of the ways to check eligibility. This post details how practices can take a proactive approach to reduce denials due to eligibility issues.

3 Things To Look For In An IT Support Service

There are three qualities to look for when searching for an IT support service. This article explains the importance of each and how to determine of a prospective company meets the standards you require for the smooth operation of your small to medium size business.