Florida Police Arrest High Schooler Who Brought Handgun to School

Florida Police Arrest High Schooler Who Brought Handgun to School

Write, Publish and Market Your Book – Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the huge benefits of writing, publishing and marketing your book and what it can do for you. In Part 2 we will be talking about writing your book and the many ways to write it.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Unique Features and Types

The matchless beauty of granite kitchen countertops has taken the markets by storm. Today there are many homeowners who prefer to install this exclusive and expensive stone in their kitchens. Apart from its incomparable beauty, this natural stone is ingrained with a number of advantageous features.

Spreadsheet Graphics for Entrepreneurs

Modern spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel make adding graphs to your budget a relatively simple matter. All spreadsheets now have graphics facilities: it’s only a matter of learning how to use them.

How to Maximize Sales Floor Space in a Small Store

Maximizing sales floor space requires some creative thinking. Not only are you working in a 3D format, you may also find yourself working inside modern, technological facilitations which move the boundaries of both understanding and creativity to almost limitless proportions. Gone are the days where a shop can simply be considered as a small business with small floor space. If you are in business there are big opportunities and here are 17 key areas for you to bring in to your business plan.

Janitorial Business Marketing Fundamentals

The basis of any marketing program in the janitorial industry must encompass every available vehicle. The marketplace is too competitive to rely on old stand-bys that worked in the past. The companies that are experiencing solid growth understand the current market.