Florida Police Arrest 12-Year-Olds For Playing with Gun, Allegedly Pointing It at People

Florida Police Arrest 12-Year-Olds For Playing with Gun, Allegedly Pointing It at People

Top Reasons Small Business Coaching Is Best For You

Are you looking forward to start your own small business in the next few months? If so, then you have to prepare yourself for this especially if this is the first time that you will test your entrepreneurial skills. Now, if you are keen on being successful out of this venture, here are some of the top reasons why you need small business coaching even before you finally launch your business online.

Detergents And Chemicals For Commercial Laundries

The use of chemicals to help in the cleaning of clothes has existed from ancient times when the Italians used a mixture of sulphur and water with charcoal to clean clothes. The Egyptians used ashes and silicates to soften water. Soaps were the first detergents to be used in washing clothes and the detergent usage of certain synthetic surfactants was found in Germany in the First World War when there was a shortage of soap.

Commercial Laundry Washing Machine Considerations

Large commercial laundry machines have changed so much over the years, but so have the demands of the various customers. Consider the washing machine alone and then consider the applications that are now an everyday requirement for the laundry systems of a large organisation. The washing machine must first fit a demand that is tailored to the operation.

Chiropractic Marketing 101

What you most likely didn’t learn about chiropractic marketing in chiropractic school: No matter the location or size of your clinic, or the relative success you’ve experienced to this point in your career, I would be willing to bet a pretty penny that you probably have at least some attention on the number of new patients in your practice. In my years of putting 100% of my attention into the area of chiropractic marketing and new patient acquisition, I have some gems to help you fast forward to a new level of patients that you serve…

3 Ways To Mix Personal Resources With Your Business

3 ways that you can mix personal and business transactions without running afoul of the law. All while ensuring personal liability protection on your personal assets.