Florida Man Arrested After Police Chase with Helicopter Footage

Florida Man Arrested After Police Chase with Helicopter Footage

Does Pricing Mindset Really Matter?

For many small business owners, just making sure they have money to pay the bills each week involves a lot of fire-fighting. Many can’t afford the ‘luxury’ of time to think about what the right ‘mindset’ might be. This article explains the difference it made to my small business when I made time to to learn about this ‘fluffy’ topic and why I now help other women do the same.

The Advantages of Doing Business With Local Retailers

With the growth of big box stores and online shopping, it can seem that smaller, local businesses are fighting an uphill battle. However, in reality there are many things local retailers offer that the larger corporations cannot.

How Are Virtual Offices Completely Different From Executive Offices?

Business people contemplate both virtual and executive offices as a powerful strategy to prevent the price and effort for an unbiased office space. The two differ in a manner that executive office requires supervisors in the area itself while users can run a virtual office everywhere on earth they may be. A businessperson in Hawaii or Tokyo, for instance, may even run Makati virtual offices.

Why the Indian Handicraft Industry Is Booming

One of the most important industries in India, which is currently making many headlines, is the Indian handicraft industry. For decades it has remained one of the instrumental industries in India for being one of the largest creators of employment.

What Are Standard Operating Procedures and Why Do I Need Them?

Standard operating procedures are detailed checklists to ensure quality and consistency in your business’ products or services. This article discusses what they are and some tips for success.