FL v. Anthony Todt Trial Day 1 - Ofc. Emily Seda - Osceola Co. Sheriff’s Office Part 3

FL v. Anthony Todt Trial Day 1 – Ofc. Emily Seda – Osceola Co. Sheriff’s Office Part 3

Top 4 New Business Ideas

For some people, having their own business is a concept that only existed in their wildest dreams, but in fact, anyone can practically become an entrepreneur. Here are some new business ideas for start-up ventures.

Securing a Small Business Loan

As insufficient funding causes the downfall of many small businesses, many business owners often try to obtain loans to fund them until they can stand on their own two feet. This post discusses whether it’s wise to obtain a small business loan and how to best go about getting one.

Booklet Tips – Are They Ready?

You have stayed in touch with your booklet prospects on a regular basis and sometimes it feels like you’re pushing a rock up hill to make a sale. You see your booklet as the perfect match for so many of your prospect. They said so, too. Yet they have taken no action.

5 Questions to Ensure Your Logo Is Creative and Talks About Your Business

Almost all businesses have logos and so what difference does it make if you have one? Absolutely nothing, unless it carries prominence, is stupendous and says all the right things it should, about your business, products, services, etc. If it is not sounding this way, your business insignia is worthless. And to make it worthy, make it deliver the message you want to, it’s got to be creative. Mull over these 5 questions and you have carved a killer and highly professional logo design yourself!

Making Sales Calls Pay for Small Business

Small business owners know that they have to be a jack-of-all-trades within their organization, and a master of at least a few. That can be a very difficult position for a small business owner to be in, because often their expertise is in whatever line of business they perform. And although they know their product or service well, believe in it, and are often its biggest champion, time, responsibilities, and other demands – like getting that product or service out the door – tend to keep them from being their own best sales people.