FL v Anthony Todt Trial Day 1 - Christopher Boos, Osceola PD - Bodycam Video

FL v Anthony Todt Trial Day 1 – Christopher Boos, Osceola PD – Bodycam Video

The Influence of Busyness in Life: How to Be Less Busy Yet Get More Things Done!

One of the greatest misconceptions in life is that very busy people are the most successful. They have erroneously taken after the termites or ants whose busyness is inferred from the size of the anthill they build. This cannot be said of humans because they are different. We humans are very intelligent creatures and can use this ability to get more work done without necessarily resorting to too much busyness. This article is about how to be less busy and get more things done. How Busy Are You?

Entering Into the Fitness Business

These days a growing number of people are becoming health conscious. From eating healthy food to being regular with the gym visits, the growing consciousness of the people towards their health has also led to the growth of the fitness business. Given this situation, fitness business is fast emerging as a popular option for those who want to earn a good amount of money in a relatively short duration of time.

The Truth About Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances – Part 3

In the previous part-2 of this multi-part article series we discussed the attributes of bank funding for small businesses. Now we will expose a few characteristics of private funding.

Payment Card Interchange Settlement

Back in January, the U.S. District Court of New York accepted a resolution in a class-action court case between merchants, Visa, MasterCard as well as other defendants. Now that the resolution is finalized, merchants have to be careful because salespeople and providers may use the checkout fees as a way to maneuver savings analyses or induce merchants to change providers.

Some Useful Tips For Stage Decoration

A well designed and decorated stage can capture the attention of an audience. It can be quite a task to create a spectacular stage but with the right type of materials, inspiration and ideas, it is possible to create a beautiful appearance.