First Amendment Audit #19

First Amendment Audit #19

Small Business Marketing Tips: How to Use Social Media Effectively

In a society where business is becoming ever more anonymous and remote, social media brings back the personal touch and allows companies to build up relationships with their customers. It is also a relatively cheap form of marketing as the main cost is time, and it can have an immediate impact. Here are some tips on how to use social media effectively.

9 Signs It Might Be Time To Sell Your Business

Many business owners are burned out, stressed, bored with their business, and ready to move on. Do you recognize any of these 9 common signs that it’s time to sell your business? Do you have a comprehensive exit strategy in place to help you if and when you DO decide to sell? In this article, a well-known business acquisition expert tells you what to watch out for when you think you might be ready to sell your business.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Cant Stand the “Tweet”? Stay Out of the Kitchen!

This article explores marketing in social media circles, and the impact it has on small businesses. If you’re running a small to medium size business, you can’t afford to overlook this!

Why Your Small Business Should Have A Complete Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a terrific way to keep customers coming back and promoting your business at the same time. There are many programs available, so choose one that best fits your strategy. Some things to consider are mobile loyalty, multiple programs built in and complete access to your customer database.

How Do I Get Clients? – Do You Get Less Than One Call a Month From Your Website? – How to Get Dozens

Most small business owners have no clue what their website SHOULD be delivering to them. Here are some answers that will surprise you. In fact, here’s how one Mary Kay lady went from 1 call a year to 72 people within 2 weeks on the internet and any business can do exactly this.