Fire Chief: Rebecca Ruud Said Her Daughter Threw Herself in Fire

Fire Chief: Rebecca Ruud Said Her Daughter Threw Herself in Fire

Increase Your Company’s Cash Flow (Part 2)

In this economy, businesses need to get more efficient and creative about ways to pump up their cash flow. Here are some suggestions to help you get inspired to think of new ways to improve your bottom line. The first 3 ideas were presented in Part 1. Now for some more:

Multi-Touch Solutions for Small Businesses

Multi-touch solutions for small businesses focus on staying abreast of the latest technologies and software applications. Like most of the computer sciences industry, multi-touch technology is constantly evolving and those businesses that do not adapt will be left behind this perpetually rising curve. Touch screen displays allow companies and entrepreneurs the ability to forge better relationships with employees and clientele, resulting in a more efficient business process, increased employee knowledge and improved brand loyalty.

Trust – The Most Important Thing in a Client/Virtual Assistant Relationship

As a small business owner, you might look for many things in your relationship with your virtual assistant (or VA): their ability to do their job; their skills and their equipment; their personality and communication style and, of course, that their prices are fair! All of these things are important but there’s something even more vital to be considered before deciding to work together – and that’s that you both trust each other.

Small Business Opportunities Out of Your Home

A small business is almost certainly the best tax shelter ever. The tax savings that can be realized from a small business are remarkable. Even a simple, sole proprietorship, home-based business could save you thousands of dollars per year that are now being taken from you each month and sent to the CRA.

Starting A Small Business: The New Way to Make a Living

Since the time of our grandparents until about a few years ago, the most popular way to earn a living is to apply for a job and work as an employee for another person or company. But recently, all that seems to be changing. Instead of filling out job application forms and sending out resumes, many people are choosing to start their own small businesses as a primary way to generate income.