Fatal Attraction And More!

Fatal Attraction And More!

Bookkeeping Basics

When you think of bookkeeping what comes to mind? Paperwork, finances, sifting through lots of papers, a bunch of lost hours, complicated forms to fill out? These thoughts are what keeps us from dealing with it. In reality bookkeeping is not that complicated. It is pretty simple actually if you develop a system and get it down to science. I know, even that seems like a chore already.

How To Set Up Your Own Business – What’s Involved?

Setting up on your own is a big step and it will involve a massive change in your life. Working for yourself is definitely not for everyone. Why? Serious consideration is one of the first things you must do before you launch into setting up for yourself. Think carefully because there is no point going it alone if it is going make you unhappy or drive you to a nervous breakdown.

What You Should Consider Before You Start Your Own Business

Probably for the first time in your working life everything will be down to you. Being self employed is not just being responsible for your product or service. You are also responsible for your administration, sales, marketing, HR – everything. You are the procurement manager responsible for making sure you have all the right equipment from paper clips to the right computer system.

Five Small Business Finance Tips

Owning a small business involves much more than coming up with and implementing a business idea. Small business owners quickly learn that a huge part of their role as the owner of a business means learning how to take care of the financials. Here are several tips for small business owners who want to learn the best practices for managing their business’ finances: 1) Bookkeeping – To the dismay of many business owners, the ancient art of bookkeeping isn’t going anywhere.

How to Write a Business or Marketing Plan

What is a business or marketing plan? Why do you need one? In a nutshell, a business and/or marketing plan is an essential mix of documents to help you create a clear picture of what your business is about, where you plan to go, and how you will get there. These plans will paint a picture in steps or form a map of your business – your goals, values, strengths, areas for development, finance and ways to market etc…