Family of Parkland Shooting Victim Gets Emotional, Breaks Down in Tears During Testimony

Family of Parkland Shooting Victim Gets Emotional, Breaks Down in Tears During Testimony

Small Business Medical Insurance and the Impact of Health Care Reform

The “Health Care Reform Act” was signed into law on March 23, 2010 by President Obama. The bill is a whopping 2000+ pages long, with a 14-page Table of Contents! This articles takes a take a cursory view of health care reform, a year-by-year snapshot of changes to come, and how small business medical insurance will be affected.

Small Business Medical Insurance – Six Health Care Reform Questions, and Answers

Health care reform is back in the headlines as a recent court struck it down as unconstitutional and Congress continues to debate its future. Regardless of the outcome, small business medical insurance is certainly going to be impacted, one way or another, in the coming months and years. This article reviews six important questions about health care reform as it relates to small employers.

What Are You Doing to Move the Chains?

The yards gained and lost in the process of growing your business are measured in trust. These yards must be earned one at a time through the authentic demonstration of good values, honest communication and commitment to serving your customers and their needs.

How to Get Clients for Your Therapy Practice

In general, most people already know that with most types of jobs you have to start from the bottom before you can work your way to the top. Most of the time, things are no different when it comes to having your own therapy practice. Usually, it takes time for people to build up their clientele.

Three Business Ideas For Beginners

I want to discuss some business ideas for beginners that are available for you to easily generate profits. If you are looking for some ideas that have much profit potential and are available to create a business this is the article you must read. It is important when first starting your business to have some ideas on what you actually want to achieve.