Ex-NFL Player Appears In Court For Deadly DUI Crash That Killed 23-Year-Old Woman

Ex-NFL Player Appears In Court For Deadly DUI Crash That Killed 23-Year-Old Woman

Working With Dogs Full-Time: How to Turn Pro

Do you want to work with dogs full-time, but can’t see how? Do you struggle part-time, telling yourself you’ll keep the other job just until the training really takes off? It’s a common refrain. Coaching and supporting dog businesses for a living, I’ve seen every kind of business model and every type of owner, from wildly successful full-timers to weekend hobbyists. Mostly, though, dog pros work part or full-time at other jobs, and run a dog business on the side, hoping it will one day support them.

A Day In The Life Of A Factoring Broker

Recently I had a manager of a business contact me who was in the market for a Factoring Loan. It has been a year or two since I had heard it called that, but what he was wanted to know about was Accounts Receivable Factoring. I did not want to discuss terminology but a Factoring Loan really is not a Loan as far as many consider it.

Become a Successful Dog Pro: 4 Tips to Grow Your Business

We’re asked often by clients and workshop attendees as we lecture across the country for the secrets to success in the dog pro industry. Here are four of our top suggestions.

Making a Living With Dogs: 7 Steps to a New Career

Ever wish you could quit your day job and live life with the dogs? Perhaps you sit at your work desk dreaming of being a dog walker? Maybe you drift off during meetings, imagining yourself training canines? Or stare past customers, planning your own doggie daycare? In short, do you want to work with dogs full time, but can’t see how?

Home Based Business Ideas – Creating and Selling Bookmarks

You are good in making unique bookmarks. Have you ever thought about turning that into a business? Being the owner of a home based business can make you self-sufficient and able to make a living through the creation of your favorite thing.