Eric Holder Brought Two Loaded Guns, Planned to Kill Rapper Nipsey Hussle: Prosecutor

Eric Holder Brought Two Loaded Guns, Planned to Kill Rapper Nipsey Hussle: Prosecutor

Finance Your Company and Manage Your Company Finances

Article provides information about online web applications that help small business owners micro finance their companies (under $25,000 in financing). It also provides details on online entities that help small companies manage their finances (accounting & bookkeeping).

Top Five Peer-To-Peer Lenders

Article describes what peer-to-peer lending is and why it is a good alternative financing source for small businesses and start-ups. Article also provides the top 5 entities in the segment, with a brief description of each.

Small Business Owners: How Does Your Business Keep Score Towards Profits?

The article helps small business owners define their profit methodology, supportive (KPIs) Key Performance Indicators, executive scorecard and how to get employees to buy into the profit program with rewards. Employees perform their best when they know the ‘rules of the game’ and the scoring method to profits is clear.

New Business Enquiries Can Cost a Fortune to Generate, So Make Sure You Don’t Miss the Initial Call!

As a small business, it’s difficult to wear all of the hats all of the time, and usually something suffers. One of the things that can be improved however, is the rate of telephone calls you answer, which should firstly improve the level of customer service you offer, and ultimately increase your sales!

Religion and Small Business

Many people wear their religion on their shirtsleeve, so to speak. I’m not sure if they are true believers in some denomination or if it is just marketing hype to try and attract a certain kind of clientele. Let’s hope the symbols are there because it is the way they choose to live their life.