Drunk Amish Guy Passed Out In Buggy?

Drunk Amish Guy Passed Out In Buggy?

Getting High Rankings In Google Place Listing

It is quite common for businesses to set up websites. However, many times it does not get to be seen by the targeted market. This means there are things you are doing wrong, or not doing at all. Get to know more about Google place listing and how you could use it to your advantage.

The Three Questions When a Client Quits

Most companies don’t care if a customer is unhappy. The most you will get talking to a “customer service representative” is mechanical. However, if you are small business when a client leaves it can be heart-wrenching and so very painful. Here are three questions to consider when a client leaves.

No BS Grassroots Marketing Inconvenient Truth 4: No Substitute For REAL, Personal Relationships

Do you know how to create real, personal, person-to-person relationships with your customers and clients? The solutions and tips are inside this article.

Small Businesses Making Their Presence Felt Online

Small businesses are more important to our ever-changing economy. A lot of businesses are strapped for cash in most cases and are looking for ways to save money while increasing profits.

What to Do When You’re Totally Out of Ideas

As small business owners, we all run out of ideas from time-to-time. Here’s what to do if you’re playing a really big game in your business and are beyond stuck. And you see no way out!