Don't Roll the Dice After Your Accident!

Don’t Roll the Dice After Your Accident!

Reporting an Injury at Work

No matter the type of work you do, there is always a way that you could potentially get hurt. This can cause a lot of questions as to what you would need to do if you suffered from an at-work injury. Each state may have different laws or regulations that need to be considered to file for a workers’ comp case.

Some Important Facts for Personal Injury

As I was going through the news today, too busy to read them thoroughly, I run my eyes over the first few words of each title from the top news section. I won’t say it really increases my general knowledge but it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I trick my mind into believing it has the freedom to connect!

With Accident Rates Falling, Why Are Whiplash Claims Rising?

People in the modern world have the benefit of protecting almost anything in their lives, including their lives, by purchasing insurance. Unfortunately, many people take advantage of the insurance system in order to get free money. This insurance fraud is detrimental, and it is believed to cause well over $100 billion in losses each year in America alone. One of the easiest ways to commit fraud is by faking a whiplash injury during a car accident, and a recent study has found that several people have figured this out.

Determining Liability In A Multi-Vehicle Accident

Being involved in a car accident can easily become a drawn out hassle with your insurance company and many times requires a lawyer to sort out. It is often a difficult process when only two cars are involved in the accident, but when multiple cars are part of the collision, assigning blame and dealing with insurance companies can become a nightmare. The police should be called after any collision, but it is absolutely imperative to contact them after a multi-car collision to ensure a police report is on record. Simply knowing who is at fault in these accidents can help a person more easily deal with their personal injury claim.

The Difference Between Personal Injury And The Tort Of Battery

Legal terms can be confusing to the layman. For example, almost everyone uses the terms assault and battery interchangeably, even though they are distinct torts with dissimilar elements and injuries. When individuals talk about personal injury and tortious acts, it is easy to use terms that not everyone understands.