Dog Days #4 - Ruling!

Dog Days #4 – Ruling!

7 Benefits of a Home Based Business

Learn 7 benefits to owning and operating a home based business. Some you may already know about and others may be new to you.

Why Doesn’t The Gross Profit Margin in My Profit and Loss Statement Make Sense?

This article explains why the gross profit margin in the Profit and Loss Statement of many small businesses are incorrect and confusing for business owners. Practical examples illustrating why variances occur are discussed and solutions provided to rectify them.

How Much to Pay For a Business

The methodology outlined below is a simplified approach and as purchasing a business is a very significant step and every individual’s circumstances are different, I strongly recommend that you speak with a professional advisor familiar with your personal situation and needs before entering into any binding contract. VALUING A BUSINESS: CRITICAL POINTS – There is no right or wrong amount – There is only what you are prepared to pay and what the seller is prepared to accept – nothing else is relevant. How much to pay is based on…

How to Buy and Sell Firearms in the USA – Things to Consider As a Gun Merchant

One of the most lucrative business in the USA today is the firearms business. Not only because Americans have always been obsessed with guns but because with this business you know you will have returning customers…

Are You Looking for a Legitimate Work-From-Home Opportunity Provider?

In reality, it is not difficult to find a legitimate work-from-home opportunity provider, yet it is very easy to fall a victim of scams that promise profitability from certain business ideas. Have you tried to make money online line and ended up in frustration? Many people are looking for the right answer on how to make money fast on the Internet.