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Dog Bites

Lawsuit Funding of Soft Tissue Cases

At Fair Rate Funding, we get a great deal of requests for “small” fundings of less than $1,000. Of course, what is small for one person may not be small for someone else.

Lawsuit Funding – Supporting Free Market Specialty Finance Solutions for Litigants

If you follow writing dealing with lawsuit funding, the business which provides immediate cash to applicants in return for a portion of the proceeds of their lawsuit, you will encounter many opinions regarding the “fairness” of such transactions and potential problems for the legal system. However, you will find few proponents of the industry writing on the internet – mostly because they are too busy filling this need for their customers.

Daytime Drunk Driving and the Need for a Drunk Driving Attorney

These days, when driving during the day, we all need to be more aware of drunk drivers. Statistically, police can see these incidents are rising in numbers, although they aren’t sure why. So, to be sure you are not involved in a drunk driving accident, be more aware of your surroundings while driving during the day. But, if you are ever involved in one, be sure to contact a drunk driving attorney before talking to anybody else. You may be contacted by the drunk drivers lawyer, but be sure to consult your accident attorney before you sign or settle on anything. Your accident lawyer can be sure to go through any contracts to ensure you are getting the full settlement you deserve. There are many circumstances that can come from being involved in an accident with a drunk driver. Be sure you consult your attorney every step of the way.

Defective Spinal Discs

Every year thousands of patients across the United States seek medical professional help for chronic back pain. In some cases, this pain can be so debilitating that patients are unable to carry out normal daily tasks, and may even have to quit their jobs. For some people, they may have a serious medical emergency when one of their discs in their spine actually ruptures, leading to the need for emergency surgery to repair the issue.

Do You Need a Drunk Driving Attorney After an Accident?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense. If you ever find yourself caught for doing that, you should always consult a drunk driving attorney for representation. Judges may not look at you favorably if you try to defend yourself. Not to mention you will need to know the laws of how to represent yourself as a drunk driving lawyer. Worse case is that you are involved in a drunk driving accident. If this ever happens to you or someone you know, it is imperative you have representation of a good accident attorney. Having a good accident lawyer will help you understand the ramifications of the situation you have put yourself in.