Disgraced South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Indicted for Murders of Wife, Son

Disgraced South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Indicted for Murders of Wife, Son

Tips For Printing Flyers On A Budget

When it comes to inexpensive but effective marketing tools, nothing works better than the lowly flyer. They’re easy to make, cheap to print and easy to distribute so using a flyer to push your product or services make a lot of sense. However, if you’re working on a tight marketing budget, or you’re using flyers to supplement a bigger marketing play, you can’t afford to invest a lot of money in your flyers.

Advice for New Salon Owners

You may have just started a new salon and you feel that you need some help in managing the business. Therefore you search from one search engine to the next trying to find sound advice for new salon owners. Well, you are in the right track because you at least are passionate about seeing you new business picking up well.

Materializing Your New Business Ideas

There are many aspiring entrepreneurs who pick the new business ideas which they think would give them large profit although they do not have personal interest and knowledge on that particular business. The common ending to this thing is failure.

Cloud Based Accounting For Small Biz? We Don’t Have An App For That

There are lots of great cloud based accounting choices available, like FreshBooks, Invoice Bubble and Billing Boss. These are fine, inexpensive applications particularly if you’re a super small company looking to do invoicing, cash collection and manage receivables. But they don’t have the capabilities required for a more mature business. No advanced inventory management. No purchase orders. No sales order processing. No gross profit or FIFO/LIFO reporting. Those are just the basics of a good system that most manufacturers need. And if you’re a distributor or a service company you’ll be disappointed too. These applications are still not mature enough to support advanced time and billing, job costing and warehouse management.

A Crash Course in CRM

Customer relationship management software isn’t a luxury at this point. For companies that intend on growing, it’s a critical cost of doing business. Here are five ways to turn that expense into an investment.