Did Amber Heard Cheat on Johnny Depp with a Woman? Petito Family Lawsuit, David Dobrik Sued for $10M

Did Amber Heard Cheat on Johnny Depp with a Woman? Petito Family Lawsuit, David Dobrik Sued for $10M

Common Cents When Financing Your Small Business

The foundations for financial excellence are elementary and logical; here is a new perspective on financial insight to starting your small business. Making use of purely scenario planning this illustrated scenario would be a recommendation for all businesses that you intend financing.

Are You Making It Too Risky For Your Customers?

Today we’re going to talk about something that is so obvious, yet so many business owners either don’t do it or don’t know how to do it. With all the products or services out in the world, how would you stand out and at the same time, take all the risk away from your customers?

Moving Beyond the Basics of Document Management Software

3 Ways to Use DMS for More than Just Scanning and Storing. 1. Streamlining Back Office Operations, 2. Improving Customer Service, 3. Mitigating Risk Management.

Credit Card Vending Machines

These days more and more Vending Machines will accept credit cards. The reasons are obvious in that the consumer may not be carrying cash and swiping their credit card is a lot easier to do. Cash is becoming a thing of the past. Even though it may be difficult for you and me to imagine a future where we don’t carry at least some cash in our pockets, college kids only have their debit or credit card as means of payment. So much so, that they have been named Generation “P” because of their preference to pay with plastic.

Accepting Credit Card Payments

For most merchants, credit card processing is a greyish area that has a lot more in common with a smoke-and-mirrors magic act than the usual contemporary business financial transaction. Almost nothing could possibly be further from the reality! With some general details and also a good merchant account issuer guiding the way, you’ll quickly be aware of difference between a merchant account and a batch transfer (and how the previous sets one up with the latter.