Depp v. Heard #13 Juror Speaks!

Depp v. Heard #13 Juror Speaks!

10 Things Every Small Business Should Do To Be Successful in Today’s Tough Market Conditions

Today’s business climate is extremely tough for small businesses. It is easy for small business owners to lose their way momentarily and suddenly become embroiled in negative financial spiral that can threaten the businesses very survival. This article reveals 10 critical areas of focus that an accounting software package enables a business to address in order to steer towards a secure and successful long term future.

7 Great Small Business Ideas

Looking for small business ideas? Here we list seven great ideas for small business’s that you can run from your home. If you are stuck for ideas for extra money why not try these small business ideas.

Four Things To Live And Die By In Business

A new business: This is one of the most frighting things that a person can do, if they have worked for someone else most of their life. Most people think about their freedom from the time clock of another but very few will actually do it.

Debt Collections – How to Get Customers to Pay Up

If you are a parent you know how difficult it is to keep your kids motivated and disciplined at the same time. If you are a debt collector, you would have the same challenges. The “Carrot and Stick” approach to your customers is what produces the best results in debt collections. How to get customers to pay up with this approach?

Two Essential Strategies To Increase Your Sales

A lot of businesses think marketing doesn’t work. They’ve spent a huge amount of money on it, in some cases, and haven’t received much if anything in return. But that doesn’t mean marketing isn’t effective. It can be extremely effective, but only if it’s done right. Luckily, making an improvement to your marketing is easy by following a couple of simple rules. Follow these and you’ll probably improve your marketing more than you could ever have believed. And that in turn will almost certainly lead to more sales and profits.