Depp v  Heard #12 More Digging!

Depp v Heard #12 More Digging!

5 Quick Steps for Choosing a Location to Sell Your Products

One of the most important steps of launching a successful product release is choosing the location where you will sell your products. “Place,” one of the 4 Ps of marketing, is key to converting sales. The ideal location for selling your products is a place where members of your target market frequent and come prepared to buy.

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Your New Wedding Planning Business

When you are starting your wedding planning business, don’t try to trim costs by doing your legal documentation yourself. To make sure you are setting up your business properly, you need the help of an attorney.

Tips for Business Receptionists: How to Manage Caller Expectations

Your business receptionist may not always know how to correctly answer a caller’s question. This article offers tips for politely deflecting when you don’t know the answer to a caller’s question.

Connection, Conversation and Consistency to Create Lead Generation

One of the biggest mistakes many business owners make is starting one kind of activity and then continually jumping on to the next marketing activity when they get frustrated with a lack of results. Then what happens is they jump on to the next activity and start that for a week, or two and perhaps again, get results they are less than happy with. Without realizing it, what’s going on here, is that they are killing any chances of building momentum. One of the biggest keys to success is consistency. When we do something repeatedly and consistently, not only do we get really skillful at it, we also build momentum, and, send a message to our clients many might not even be aware of.

What Are the First Steps in Business Development for New Small Businesses and Startups?

I recently conducted research to see what kind of Business Development information was on the web for new small businesses and startups. My discovery was that most information only covers SEO and Marketing Strategies for businesses that have already been developed and are looking for strategies that will assist in obtaining more clients. Very good tips and techniques, but what about new startups and businesses that don’t have the basic tools to help establish core competencies that lead to competitive advantages and consumer knowledge of their product or service offering; meaning – company formation, a business plan or fact sheet, website, business cards, etc.