Delete Lawz Q&A

Delete Lawz Q&A

The Immediate Goals of Starting a New Business

Starting a new business can be a challenge with many obstacles to overcome. Having a set of goals can help you focus so you can be successful in launching your new company.

Your Network Health Assessment Checklist

Conducting a network health assessment is a must for any company that heavily relies on its information system. In this day and age, almost every business makes use of computers and other gadgets to perform a variety of functions – from recording data to analyzing inputs, to producing information in hard copy.

Booklet Tips – License Your Course

Once you expand your bite size brilliance into a course of some kind, not only do you have an additional way to deliver your knowledge to those who are eager to learn from you in whatever formats you deliver the course; you also have new revenue streams that others want to help you create. Your new course, whether online, by phone, in-person, scheduled live, self-guided, or on-demand can bring you new income way beyond simply offering it to those who will pay you a registration fee to take it. In fact there are people who are thrilled…

The First Time Business Buyer – Using a Leverage Buyout

This article describes the first time buyer’s need to decide on the size and scope of his first business purchase. What most small business buyers do not realize is that leverage buyout techniques, although typically common in big deals, can help with the analysis of small business buyouts. The LBO can help narrow down the field of small companies that are suitable to buy by establishing a qualified range of sales and profit size.

Meet Sally And Jeff And Their Grandiose Idea To Start A Business On A Shoestring

Most business owners are familiar with the concept of creating a vision, mission and a set of core values for their organizations. Setting goals is also nothing new. Today I want to write about the value of creating a long term vision and seeing, right before your eyes, short term rewards.