Delete Lawz Meets Masshole!

Delete Lawz Meets Masshole!

5 Simple Tactics to A Successful Online Business

Even though there are numerous ideas and services offered online, most businesses just lack tactics and strategies. These simple five tactics will improve your ability, confidence and presence for online business success.

Cash Is Still King

We’ve all heard the saying, “cash is king”, but do we really believe it? Lately, it seems that fewer of us are true believers, but yes it is true, cash is still king and it probably will always be that way.

Barter Basics

These are the simple rules of barter that ensure success. Too often we try to reinvent the wheel when this proven system has worked for years and years.

Keys To Success: Preparation For Tomorrow Begins Today

Preparation and success go hand in hand. Rudy Guiliani, the mayor of New York City when 9/11 occurred had this to say: “Your success will be determined by your ability to prepare.”

How to Form a Business

Deciding on the most appropriate legal structure for your start up business is a critical step, as it could impact the degree of financial risk you are exposed to, the control you maintain over your business and the level of expected daily administration activities. Having made your decision to start a business, you must look into some legal requirements for the start up, such as the kind of ownership you are looking for, the name/title of the business organisation and your relationship with your partners.