Day 13 Recap & Key Moments of Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial (Sidebar Podcast EP. 8)

Day 13 Recap & Key Moments of Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial (Sidebar Podcast EP. 8)

Starting a Small Business: What Lifestyle Do You Really Want?

I was happier creating businesses’ than simply making cash in a business that I hated. I could have made money in the pizza shop bit it gave me no freedom, I hated it. Do something you love if you can. Online is great because of the leverage it gives me and I don’t need to see people face to face. I love that. I can answer e-mails later, I don’t get overwhelmed.

Confidently Protect Yourself From Criminals

We don’t necessarily live in the times when you can just visit your neighbours and leave your doors unlocked while you are away. Walking down the street to the market isn’t quite what it once was.

How to Use a Small Business Product

If YOU don’t own the product, you don’t own the business. On the other hand, if you do own the product, you do control what happens to your business.

How to Keep Light Out of Your Property (When You Want To)

Generally making your property as light as possible is something that is considered to be a good way to make your home more spacious feeling and more pleasant to spend time in. We have all evolved to appreciate natural light, and it also has a great way to making a space look larger and cleaner thanks to the way it brightens a room.

Top Tips to Get More From Your Coffee Shops

Coffee shops provide a great service. If you run a great cafe then this isn’t just somewhere for people to get coffee, it’s somewhere for them to enjoy the entire ‘culture’ of coffee which means sitting and working on their computer, chatting and catching up with friends, networking with other people who work for themselves, or just finding somewhere warm to relax and recoup after a heavy day shopping.