Danielle Redlick's Husband Was Abusive Towards Her the Night She Stabbed Him: Defense Attorney

Danielle Redlick’s Husband Was Abusive Towards Her the Night She Stabbed Him: Defense Attorney

5 Simple Ways to Get a Ton of New Leads With Text Message Advertising

Text message advertising may seem like just the latest fad, but in reality, if you follow these few simple steps, you can easily gain customers for life that sell your business for you. Here are 5 ways to get a ton of leads for your text message advertising campaign.

Choosing Business Partners and Being Burned Alive

Those of us who have thrashed our tail to break the surface and seized the bait that twirled in wait, often find ourselves repeatedly and forever drawn by an unseen force down the path of a new venture. The lure of entrepreneurship swings a shiny hook.

Sole Trader Vs Limited Company

One of the decisions new businesses often face is whether to operate as a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Most small business owners choose the sole trader or partnership route at least to begin with, because it’s the easier option, and perhaps because incorporation is associated with larger organisations with multiple directors and investors. Whilst it is certainly true that choosing the sole trader option is likely to be the easiest and most cost effective option to begin with, there are longer term benefits to incorporation which apply to businesses of all sizes.

Serious Business Owner or Playing Office?

Most of us think of ourselves as serious business people, committed to success and focused on the things that will ultimately lead to improved business performance. However, are we really following a path that will lead to greater success, and do our actions truly reflect the focus and sustained level of commitment required to get us there?

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 7 Tips for Selecting Professional Wedding Planner Software

If you are a wedding planner you can find software that helps make it easy to organize information, keep track of wedding planning details, and schedule and manage your time and your business. Here are 7 tips to help you select the one that might work for you.