Danielle Redlick's Bloody Pants Shown to Jurors

Danielle Redlick’s Bloody Pants Shown to Jurors

Small Business Is the Answer to the Unemployment Challenges in the US

Not long ago, I wrote a series of articles on the unemployment and economic challenges in our great nation and the solution of strengthening the small business community by removing duplicated regulations, even forming a red-magic marker committee to redline out our onerous and ridiculous regulations. In hearing of this great plan, an anti-capitalist gentleman who most likely helped organize the occupy protests, chastised the concept of simplifying the small business environment. Strong local money flows in the local communities really are the answer to our job situation, perhaps even assisting us in our economy making us somewhat recession…

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Business? Here’s How To Avoid Becoming A Failure Statistic

Hands up who hasn’t at one point or another thought about throwing in the 9-to-5 rat race and starting their own business for themselves? The idea is certainly appealing. However, the unfortunate truth is that many fledgling businesses simply don’t survive beyond the first year. The key is to be prepared and consider the potential pitfalls well in advance. Here are 4 key aspects of starting a new business you need to consider, to give yourself the best chance of success.

5 Top Small Business Marketing Blunders You Should Never Commit

There are tons of small business resources available both online and offline. Many of these resources can help you to avoid mistakes that others before you have made, thereby saving you time and money. Let’s talk about the five most common small business mistakes and how to avoid them.

Promoting Your Small Business Using Printed Coffee Mugs

Promoting any small business can be a tough task, especially in today’s world where competition is at an all time high and the number of small companies continues to grow. A lot of small business owners decide to promote their businesses by using common yet effective go-to methods such as newspaper advertisements, flyers, local affiliates, and business cards. However, since today’s world is populated with high levels of competition, small businesses really want to think outside of the box when it comes time to promote their name.

How to Earn More Money While Working for Your Home Office

If you are a freelancer working from home then your future is in your own hands. It will be up to you to keep yourself motivated so that you can earn the right type of cash. One of the most important ways that you will do this is by becoming more productive. You can assist this process by designing your home office so that it encourages productivity. The aim of this article is to teach you how to do just that.