Dangerous Snacks Lead To Injuries Worth Up To $325,000! | Double Episode | Personal Injury Court

Dangerous Snacks Lead To Injuries Worth Up To $325,000! | Double Episode | Personal Injury Court

8 Items That Can Save Your Life: Making a Car an Emergency Kit

The simplest everyday items are designed for our safety: knife handles, seatbelts, crosswalk buttons. We often don’t even think about them while we use them, so they’re easy to overlook-but anyone who has experienced a car accident can tell you that one or two crucial items packed ahead of time can save your life.

Filing a Claim for Head Injuries at Sea

Head injuries at sea can lead to serious damages that may cause long-term care needs or a loss of livelihood. When this damage is sustained due to negligence, it is important that the victim is fully and adequately compensated for all costs.

Personal Injury Accident – Preserving Evidence – Photographing the Scene

Not only is it critical for you to revisit the scene of your personal injury accident as soon as you can, but the visit would be all but worthless if photographs are not taken. Having an attorney present directing or taking the photographs is critical. A thorough job is required and dozens of photographs should be taken not only of the site of the accident, but of the surrounding layout.

How Safe Are Minute Clinics? Tips to Protect Your Family

While some people may not have yet heard of them, retail “minute clinics” are becoming more and more used throughout the United States. These are health clinics, often located in retail pharmacies which provide certain health services at reduced prices.

Flying Debris Accidents: 5 Ways to Escape Unscathed

As we travel the roadways on a daily basis, it is easy to see how often accidents occur. In fact, with so much inclement and large pickups full of debris, it is no wonder there are not more accidents. To avoid this common problem, it is helpful to know how to drive for the conditions and watch out for debris.