'Crazy' Ex Bricked Her Husband's Lover - $280,000 Case | Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

‘Crazy’ Ex Bricked Her Husband’s Lover – $280,000 Case | Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

What Is Tort Law Exactly?

The law is a complex topic that can easily confuse even the brightest person. Learn what tort law is, and the various categories it can involve.

Q and A on Dog Bites

Always seek medical treatment for any dog bite. You may have injuries that you are not aware of initially. Nerve damage, injuries involving tendons or bones can result in lifelong problems. One of the more serious consequences of a bite by a dog can involve infection which can be deadly.

Everything You Need To Know About Working With A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When it comes to selecting a workers’ compensation lawyer, you have to be careful and must select someone who is experienced in this area of the law. Read on to learn a few facts that matter.

4 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Bringing Your Road Traffic Accident Claim

Being involved in a road traffic accident is likely to be a traumatic experience, even if you walk away relatively unscathed physically the shock of such an event can leave you with psychological wounds that require treatment to heal properly. Suffering an injury, either physical, physiological or both, can have a devastating effect on your life. Your injury could prevent you from working, either short term or long term, it could make hobbies you once enjoyed impossible, and it could have a negative effect on your relationships with friends and loved ones causing them to either become damaged…

Can I Sue Someone in Civil Court for Assault?

Civil and criminal court adjudicate separate types of offenses. However, there are some offenses that fall under civil and criminal law. Assault is one of them.