Courtroom Laughs After Witness Says He's Not a Fan of Johnny Depp

Courtroom Laughs After Witness Says He’s Not a Fan of Johnny Depp

Why Entrepreneurs Need a Contingency Plan

This article is intended for the entrepreneur who is self-employed and has less than 10 employees. The US Department of Commerce reported in 2008 that 21.4 million people were self-employed in the US and another 3.6 million businesses had between 1 and 4 employees.

Ten Incredibly Easy Techniques To Increase Your Circle Of Influence, Gain Clients And Make Money!

In this article I want to share with you ten incredibly powerful strategies that will rocket awareness of both who you are and what you can do locally. By implementing these techniques you will increase your profile, brand awareness, client base and more importantly increase your number of paying clients – all at little or no financial cost. If that sounds interesting read on…

Effective 8 Step Process to Stay More Positive

Owning your own business is rewarding and it can be very challenging. Successful business owners are more positive than those that struggle. Here are 8 things you can do to stay more positive and become even more successful.

Consider This When Choosing Colors for Campaign Signs

You may not be fully aware of this; however, there is a science to colors and the way in which people react to them. When creating signs that you want to lure people to vote, visit, shop, or use your services you want to make sure that you have the right features to make your name, business, or service stick.

Rail Freight: Four Questions to Consider

When it comes to shipping with the railroads – Size Matters. But how small is too small? This article offers four questions to quickly determine if shipping by rail could be the best option.