Could WaPo Be in Legal Trouble for Posting Amber Heard Op-Ed? Expert Floyd Abrams Discusses

Could WaPo Be in Legal Trouble for Posting Amber Heard Op-Ed? Expert Floyd Abrams Discusses

How to Document a Project Plan: When Do You Need a Professional

Projects are how businesses change their strategy. But often small businesses and entrepreneurs are too small to hire professional project managers on a full time basis. And too busy to do the managing themselves. Engaging consulting project managers is a good solution. But when? In this article, you’ll discover when you should hire a professional project manager to lead your projects.

2012 Small Business Trends

Okay so, 2012 is an interesting year for small business, mostly because the economy seems to be expanding, no not much, 1 to 2% growth in GDP is about all, but that’s a lot better news than we had in 2008 and 2009. Of course, starting a small business is going to be tough because although interest rates are at an all-time low, qualifying to get a business loan is not nearly as easy as it was. Meanwhile the GAO has just put out a report that the small business administration needs more regulations in its small business loan program….

Banks Favor Lending to Bigger Small Businesses

Very recently, November last year to be exact, the Wall Street Journal released an interesting story about banks and their credit preferences. It was discussed in this release that banks and other financial institutions are beginning to increase loans and lines of credit to small businesses. This does not mean, however, that they prefer ‘every’ small business niche and model.

Free Accounting Software: Open Source for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs hate paperwork. Open Source Accounting Software won’t take it away, but it will make it simpler and cheaper. But when we make a search we’re offered dozens of options. How do we choose?

Customer Service and Your Bottom Line

As every business owner knows customer service is paramount for a successful business. Without customer service you will have disgruntled and unsatisfied customers. Your customers are important, you have done the hard part by attracting new customers and gaining the new contracts now you need to turn them into loyal and repeat customers.