Cop Recalls Arresting 6’5 300lb Guy with Samurai Sword

Cop Recalls Arresting 6’5 300lb Guy with Samurai Sword

How to Manage Conflict at Work: Part 1 – The Issues

Managing conflict at work can be one of the most valuable skills any leader develops. A team whose differences are respected amongst each other – strengths, work patterns, communication styles, personalities and life choices – is a powerful team. A manager who encourages diversity and is equipped to manage difference skillfully is an asset to any company.

Why It Is Important to Install Vending Machines in Offices

Vending machines are of great importance now especially for schools and offices. Coffee and tea are beverages that are regularly consumed by staff members. That is why most companies these days prefer to have beverage vending machines installed in their workplaces. A cup of tea succeeds in not only breaking the monotony while also refreshing employees as they work. In fact, some people just can’t do without their daily dose of caffeine.

Booklet Tips – Prevention Vs Eliminate Pain

Which do you think is more compelling for people to buy your tips booklet – something about preventing a potential problem or specific ways to alleviate and eliminate pain of some sort? While logic and your personal point of view might dictate it makes more sense to learn how to prevent a catastrophe from happening if at all possible, human nature tends to work against that. The pain, on many levels, of having a hard drive crash on your computer is a giant motivator to do frequent back-ups that are also…

Start a Staffing Agency: Decide on Your Niche

Before you begin your staffing business, decide on what is it that your niche will be. It does not matter what kind of agency you are starting, what matters is focusing initially on one area and moving forward within that area to get you started. It is a good idea to be aware of the various areas you can move into within the business model you decide on.

Start A Staffing Agency: The Salesperson As a Recruiter

Recruiters are sales people, they are the front line representatives for a staffing firm. The attractive force has certain key components to keep and sustain employees. A medical staffing recruiter must be pleasant, nice, in possession of listening skills, communicate, inspire confidence and be trustworthy.