Convicted Murderer Who Received Death Sentence Pleads For Lesser Sentence

Convicted Murderer Who Received Death Sentence Pleads For Lesser Sentence

Being Small Has Its Merits

Corporate behemoths such as Kashi, Starbucks, etc. want to be positioned as the friendly neighborhood brand that helps enhance your life. If the “big boys” are doing this, why not accept your small firm for what it is? Being small is a competitive advantage and we will discuss how to maximize the positives of being small and minimize the negatives.

Reasons Why a Business Can Fail

There are many reasons why my business failed, one of which was we tried to build the business on a boot strap budget, and then spending half our start up funding on build out. My business partner and I knew all along that we did not have enough money to complete the build out to our space we wanted, we tried to do a majority of the work ourselves. So we set out to find a space that had been a coffee shop, or restaurant before to cut down on costs.

As An Appliance Service Business, Do You Know What Your Cost Of Doing Business Is?

Any business offering any kind of services needs to know what it cost them to offer those services. This is know as your “Cost Of Doing Business”. Unfortunately most small service businesses neglect to calculate this number or they don’t know how to calculate this number and it can end up making a significant impact to their bottom line. This article will give you some insight as to what is involved in determining your “Cost Of Doing Business”.

Chemical Storage

When storing chemicals many considerations must be taken into account. Some of the types of chemicals that you might expect to be stored in chemical storage tanks are fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, disinfectants, animal and bird repellants, dyes, wood preservers, cleaning products, glues, solvents and anti-fouling products to name a few.

Use the 80/20 Rule to Grow Your Business

If your business is not growing, you need to get a handle on the way you’re running it. Many business owners tend to spend a great amount of time performing unnecessary tasks that contribute little to the growth of your business. Get a handle on your business by putting the 80/20 rule into effect and identifying high payoff tasks.