Conflicting Depp v. Heard Verdict, R. Kelly Faces 25+ Years In Prison, Brad Pitt Lawsuit

Conflicting Depp v. Heard Verdict, R. Kelly Faces 25+ Years In Prison, Brad Pitt Lawsuit

Creating Wealth From Your Business – How To Achieve Your Dream

You invest your life, your time, your blood and your soul into making your business a success so you had better make sure you have something to show for all that hard work at the end of the day. Here are my top tips for creating wealth from your business.

Business Coaching Helps You Reach Goals Sooner

Successful athletes know that a coach helps them achieve peak performance. Like a star athlete, you have a goal, but you also recognize that a gap exists between where you are now and where you want to be. A business coach’s role is to help you reach your goal faster and more effectively than you would on your own by focusing on the skills, actions and behaviors necessary to achieve that goal.

Lessons From Penn State

If you want your employees to tell you the truth, even when it’s bad news, you will need to have two prerequisites in place. First of all there must be organizational values placed on telling the truth and the entire truth. Secondly you must be capable of taking a systems view of problems which occur. Yes, individuals do make mistakes but management guru Deming concluded that 80% of performance problems relate to systemic issues and not to the performance of individuals. Without those two pieces of the foundation in place you can expect that employees will act out of own self interest which protects themselves and their co-worker friends. Make it easy to tell the truth!

How To Create Jobs Now!

More and more people we know are being affected. Unemployment is a problem that cannot be solved overnight. But, we have to start somewhere, right?

A Little Goes A Long Way With Employees

Customers get all of the spotlight, but employees need some attention as well. It doesn’t always cost a lot to show workers that they are valued too.