Comparing Free Speech Protection: United States v. the Rest of the World (Floyd Abrams)

Comparing Free Speech Protection: United States v. the Rest of the World (Floyd Abrams)

Handyman: The Perfect Home Business for Dads

Being a stay at home dad is a tough job. In addition to chasing around the kids and keeping the house clean, the down time is filled with – what else – boredom and depression. But, the answer to this is easy. Men can start their own home business. And the perfect home business for dads is a handyman.

8 Great Gifts for Entrepreneurs This Holiday Season

This is your ultimate guide for gift giving this season to entrepreneurs and small business owners. From a Chamber of Commerce Membership to a flip camera to advisory timeblocks.

Technical Writing Tips

There is something intriguing about the prospect of writing a highly technical manual or even an article. There is, however, a serious trap you can fall into, so watch out for this one.

Winning Market Share in a Tough Economy

Many business owners are facing the challenge of winning market share in a tough economy. The recession has hurt many businesses, forcing many to shut down as they experienced a rapid decline in sales and market share. With consumers spending less than they have in the past, businesses must now find creative ways not only to increase their sales in the short term, but also implement sustainable practices to ensure long term success.

Serviced Offices Are the Answer for Many Businesses

Renting serviced office space is becoming much more sought after as people realize that this is a great alternative to renting traditional office space. Why should you consider renting a fully prepared office rather than a regular office space?