Collier Landry Recalls Investigating His Mother's Murder at 11-Years-Old

Collier Landry Recalls Investigating His Mother’s Murder at 11-Years-Old

Sponsor A Child Charity: Innovative Ways For Charity

Children are the greatest blessings from God. If there were no children, we would have no hope, no love and no mission to accomplish.

Don’t Barter And You Lose

The opportunity to benefit by bartering is available to all businesses and professional people. It is a rare exception if a profit is not made. The rules are simple and it is there for the taking by any business.

Virtual Assistants: How to Maintain Healthy Client Relationships

When you’re just starting out as a virtual assistant, it can be tempting to grab every piece of work that comes your way. You’re so grateful to have any clients at all, you may not realize for a while just how much of a nightmare they can be to work for. Unfortunately, if your cash flow relies heavily on a client who has clearly been sent from Hell, it can be almost impossible to extract yourself from the working relationship. However, whilst these nightmare clients are thankfully few and far between, there are many others who fall into the ‘bit of a pain’ category. These client relationships can be salvaged and made better for both of you, simply by implementing a few ground rules.

Increasing Your Business Through Networking

Many people do not realize that they can increase their businesses by 25%, 50% and even 100% by simply liaising with other like-minded professionals as they. Business networking groups are making waves as they are contributing to the success of businesses. They mostly take advantage of the world’s best technique of growing business: word-of-mouth. The technique may seem rudimentary, but it appears to still have the center-stage when it comes to advertising.

Online Media and Its Effects on Indian Postal Services

The Indian postal services have undergone profound changes with the advent of electronic media and internet facilities. Today a large number of people resort to quicker and easier transfer of mails and money with the help of electronic media.