Classic Karen And Hot Mic!

Classic Karen And Hot Mic!

Effective Tips to Generate Local Attention for Small Business

With countless companies starting and shutting down it can be difficult to learn useful tips that can effectively generate attention for small business. Starting a company can be hard enough as it is so you will want to gain as much exposure as possible to avoid wasting your money and efforts. Whether you have been a business owner for many years or are just beginning your venture now, knowing as much as possible will help you increase exposure for small business.

Setting Up a Sound Business Plan

Business plans can be one of the most effective tools for the small business owner who is starting, growing and even managing a business. Writing an effective business plan is time consuming and enough time and thought should be given to fund, manage and even successfully exit a business. To be successful and taken seriously by investors, your business plan must be clear, concise and must be able to describe what, where, how and why customers will want to buy from you.

SBA Loan Default – More Common Questions

Another round of common SBA default questions and answers. Why won’t my banker return my calls?

Delay The Gratification But Not Your JOY

Successful people have habits of self control motivated by big dreams – a desire to do something meaningful. But when did you decide that delaying gratification also meant waiting for your joy?

What You Need to Know About Starting a Small Business

As the employment rate continues to soar, more and more people are looking to start their own businesses as a source of income. Many people dream of starting their own small businesses, but very little people know where to begin when it comes to getting their business off the ground. If you’re one of these people, here are five things you need to know about starting a small business.