Chilling Phone Call Recordings Between Lawrence Ray & Claudia Drury

Chilling Phone Call Recordings Between Lawrence Ray & Claudia Drury

Is Dubai an Incubator for Small and Medium Businesses?

Small and Medium business setup in Dubai, is one of the most demanding options of company formation in the commercial capital of UAE. Small and Medium Enterprises also known as SME’s reflect the positive and swift growth of the economic system of Dubai.

Business to Business – Look For the Less Glamorous Accounts

As a former franchisor and service sector operator I have an important piece of advice to discuss with you today. You see, these days I do a bit of consulting and thus, am constantly reading business plans for small business start-ups. One thing I always find is smaller companies always seem to want to immediately go after high-end clients, consumers and customers – and, if they plan on doing business-to-business contracting, the young and often na├»ve entrepreneurs tend to go after big brand name corporate clients. Still, I recommend a different tactic in this realm, let’s talk.

Why Social Media Is Important to Your Small Business

See why Social Media is important to small businesses. Get insights on why and how you should be using Social Media to talk about your products and services.

Be Excellent At This For Small Business Success

It is important to be skilled at many things to run a small business. But all too often small business owners become bogged down in learning new skills and doing tasks in which they have little or no competence. You cannot do everything well so it is best to focus on what you do well and to delegate or outsource those things you don’t do well.

What Is Dual Method Carpet Cleaning?

No matter how much you plan there are some jobs that just don’t go as planned. These times are a great learning experience to know what equipment or machineries you might be missing. These experiences can also be a great experience to learn how to improve your planning skills.