Chicago Mob Attacks Illinois State Police Cruiser with Rocks, Bricks and Fireworks

Chicago Mob Attacks Illinois State Police Cruiser with Rocks, Bricks and Fireworks

Distinguishing Tax ‘Incentives’ From ‘Subsidies’

Journalists are not the only ones who, wittingly or otherwise, muddle the discussion of business taxes. We periodically hear a lot about companies that report large profits but pay relatively small amounts in taxes. If you think businesses should pay their “fair share” of taxes, this may seem outrageous. But mostly it reflects the non-outrageous fact that financial accounting and tax accounting are designed to do different things.

A Singapore Plumber – You May Just Be Shocked To Learn How Much They Make!

To many in Singapore there are a few decent career choices such as working for the MNC, government or banking industries, or public services. The thing about the government agencies is that they tend to pay very well, but the work is not glamorous, it may not even be fun. A winning trend for many is to become an entrepreneur and start their own business. Even then, rarely, will anyone choose a business to start in a trade such as plumber due to the massive work involved in not only the plumbing end of the business- but in setting up the business in the first place. If one did set up a plumbing business correctly- they would likely thrive in it!

It’s a Results Business

Do you get feedback from you current customers? How do you know what they want? Do you take their suggestions on board?

Have Proper Professionals Help You With a Business Plan

If you are starting a business of your own, you have likely heard of the importance of a good business plan to get it off the ground. Most are just “pie in the sky” numbers, projections and dreams, and do not contain any realistic numbers or variables. In short, the best way to get anyone to read your business plan is to keep it short and simple. But most of all, make it realistic. How do you go about doing this? Quite simply, get help from qualified professionals.

The Future of Small Business

I’ve just returned from a very eventful trip to Scaling New Heights 2011 in Las Vegas. And, I don’t mean that in a good way! I realized that I’m a “travel newbie”. I was traveling to a time zone with a 3 hour difference from my home. That may have been OK, if my flights were on time.