Caught on Bodycam: People 'Causing a Scene' in Public

Caught on Bodycam: People ‘Causing a Scene’ in Public

Is WordPress Good for Business Websites?

Many business owners ask the question “is WordPress good for business websites?” I answer the question in-depth in this article.

Restaurant Marketing With a Blog: 11 Restaurant Blog Tips

I believe every business should have a blog, including restaurants. Restaurants can improve their restaurant marketing with a blog. Read this 11 restaurant blog tips for establishing an effective and topical restaurant blog.

Why Mail in September? Arr, Matey, It’s Time for School!

There is no shortage of mailing opportunities in September. The biggie – back-to-school – actually makes this the second-biggest selling season of the year. But even obscure September holidays (like “Talk Like a Pirate Day”) make a fun and festive “excuse” for keeping in touch.

Small Business Marketing: The Importance of Seeking Management Consulting Advice

Within the past decades, the small business market has noticed a huge boom. Many business owners have experienced success but just as many have experienced failure and bankruptcy. It really is correct that initiating, and starting a small business is not difficult but a variety of factors that need to be considered in targeting a certain market and managing a small business is the challenging part.

Performance Management – Why You Don’t Get It

Having spent over 25 years in a corporate environment I thought I knew everything about performance management! You know when you feel very confident that you have something “sussed?”