Can Amber Heard's Relationship History Be Used in Court? (Elon Musk, James Franco, Tasya Van Ree)

Can Amber Heard’s Relationship History Be Used in Court? (Elon Musk, James Franco, Tasya Van Ree)

5 Myths About Business Insurance

There are all sorts of myths about insurance that do the rounds and that seem entirely plausible if you don’t work in the industry. This article addresses the top 5.

Making It Easy to Get and Keep Clients

There are tons of examples of poor customer service, of clients leaving businesses. But what about those businesses who go above and beyond, those who practice Extreme Client Care? Who make us feel, if not cherished, then at least wanted? Or who make it super easy to do business with them?

Moving Cleaning Business Owners Closer to Their Goals

If it’s not moving you forward toward your goal, making you money or attracting clients, why are YOU doing it? Granted, it may be important, but a much better usage of your company’s most precious resource (YOU) can be much more effective elsewhere. Drop it or delegate it now. (Please take a moment now to write that same question on a sticky note or index card and tape it to your own computer and phone).

Six Signs of a Healthy Business Partnership

On my flight down to San Francisco this past weekend, I was reading an interesting article all about how most married couples could not fathom the concept of working together day in and day out. As I read it I had to chuckle as my husband and I have successfully ran a business together every day for the past ten years and have grown closer and have been able to build a stronger business because of our partnership.

A Reputation Is All We Really Have

I was recently accused of an impropriety, that was false, but it got my blood to boil. It made me think why others might perceive me as dishonest or out of line in what I was doing. Then I tried to put it all in perspective and realized that in the final analysis, when we breath our last breath, when they stick us in the grave, that all we really leave behind is our reputation of being a “good” person or not. So for the record, I want to be known as a good, caring and honest person who helped others become better and helped lift them up in some way.