California Police Shoot a Man Who Charges At Them With a Knife (Orange County)

California Police Shoot a Man Who Charges At Them With a Knife (Orange County)

Small Businesses Are Often Crushed As Corporations Attempt to Take Over the Market

Perhaps the biggest problem with crony capitalism is how it hurts our small business job growth engine which thus, determines the very strength of our economy. When a corporation finds a political bed fellow in Washington DC, they can request legislative changes in the law that favor them and hurt their smaller competitors. Once these smaller businesses become bankrupt, the corporate giants could increase their prices again. This obviously hurts our economy in several ways:

4 Useful Tips to Ship Internationally With Ease

For any small business operation that is involved in selling physical goods, there is likely to be a need to ship internationally at some point. Even though this can be more complicated than shipping goods within your local country, it is still relatively easy to export your goods and navigate through customs with a little preparation.

Let Us Bring Back Small Business By Reducing Regulation From the Bureaucracy

A few years back our think tank was discussing what we needed to do to bring back our economy and the jobs we need in the United States. We addressed the issue of our ultra-slow growth under the Obama Administration and the dismal economic recovery. One of the members of the think thank was busy listening to the in-depth dialogue and stated.

Why India Needs Startups Now More Than Ever

2016 was a year that was waited with baited breath as the market watchers were keen to see how the startup environment in India panned out. Sluggish in the beginning and disappointing as we head to the end, this was a year that saw many well known names fold up or ramp down.

Pictures From The Air Are Amazing

Nothing compares to aerial filming and photography! There is so much you can see from such a view compared to when we drive down a street or an area. Many areas can’t be seen in all of its beauty due to the terrain or you just being in one area. Aerial filming provides a variety of opportunities.