"Butt-Naked" Man Hit By Car Sues For $70,000 | Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

“Butt-Naked” Man Hit By Car Sues For $70,000 | Full Episode | Personal Injury Court

Ways In Which A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

A car accident brings with it a lot of questions like, who is at fault, who pays for the damage, who will pay the medical bills or if you will be compensated for the pain and suffering or not. If you have been injured in an accident or suffered property loss due to collision, you should hire a car accident lawyer. He is an expert of the car accident laws and will find all the ways to recover money.

Claim Your Work-Related Injury Compensation – Hire a Workplace Injury Attorney

Workplace injury statistics show that nearly 3.0 million working people suffer from work related injuries in different States in the US. Not all workers get compensations however you can increase your chance of getting higher injury compensation by hiring a Workplace injury attorney or wrongful death attorney to present your compensation claims in the court.

Dog Bite Prevention Tips for Spring and Summer

Now that spring and summer are here, it is important to learn some interaction safety tips for dogs. Not all dogs are prone to attack, but it is important to learn how to protect yourself and avoid a dangerous situation.

Falls and Fights the Leading Causes of Eye Injuries

Researchers from John Hopkins University found that the leading cause of eye injuries was slipping and falling. The researchers reviewed data from 47,000 people between the ages of 8 and 80 who had to seek treatment for eye trauma between 2002 and 2011. Of that group, 8,425 people suffered eye injuries because of falls.

Take Immediate Action in the Event of an Accident – Don’t Risk It!

Many don’t consider the steps necessary when they’ve been involved in an accident. They are far too much in shock to make any rational decisions, and of course their first concern is feeling better.