BREAKING: Johnny Depp Files Notice of Appeal to Overturn $2M Judgment Awarded to Amber Heard

BREAKING: Johnny Depp Files Notice of Appeal to Overturn $2M Judgment Awarded to Amber Heard

Jewelry Boxes and Using Them For Displaying Jewelry To Increase Your Sales

Using the correct Jewelry Boxes in displaying you products and how you will increase your sales. Choosing the right jewelry boxes and why inferior boxes may actually negatively affect your sales.

5 Habits to Achieve Small Business Excellence

Small businesses aim for a success and development in the industry. In order to achieve these goals, there are some practices that entrepreneurs need to develop and apply in their business operations.

5 Examples of Unexpected Challenges Requiring Extra Funding

Owning and operating a dollar store can be a very rewarding endeavor. Yet as with all other businesses, there is another side to the coin. That side includes the many challenges which are a part of owning and operating your own business. In this article I present 5 examples of potential unexpected challenges requiring emergency funding from your crisis reserve of money can help you handle.

5 Options When Things Don’t Go Well For Your Dollar Store Business

There are many realities associated with being in business for yourself. If you are considering a dollar store business, you too need to be aware of these realities. Many are very positive and some much less so. The first question which comes to the mind of some who face this bad news is about the options they have available. In this article I present 5 of those options.

Email and Internet Usage at Work – A Right or a Privilege?

Employees spend on average 8 hours or more a day on the job working at least 5 days a week. Is there any harm in allowing staff to use the email or the Internet on occasion? Your employees may not be aware of the fact that the email account that they use on a daily basis is not private and that their Internet usage can be monitored. Many of your staff may even assume that because they were assigned an email account, (with their name as part of the email address), that this makes the email account personal, even though access was issued as part of doing business on behalf of their employer.