Bodycam Video Shows Texas Police Fatally Shooting Wanted Man (San Antonio, TX)

Bodycam Video Shows Texas Police Fatally Shooting Wanted Man (San Antonio, TX)

Master Your Art, Then Delegate!

As a leader, especially someone who leads a startup, it can be incredibly hard to let things go and hand over responsibility. We so often want to keep control, because, well, we know what is best for business. This can however be detrimental to your company’s growth.

Is Information Overload Paralyzing Your Efforts?

Information overload can creep up on you when you are learning something new. It is easy to be swamped with details before you are ready to absorb them. We have a tendency to collect every bit of information on our new topic. We collect information that contradicts. Everybody’s viewpoint and ideas are a bit different. No wonder we get confused and paralyzed into non-action and poor learning, loosing our excitement for the venture by complete confusion.

Business or Project Failing? What To Do

Hitting the reset button – One of the characters in Michael Grant’s Line of Duty novel states: “A guy I fish with once told me a funny story. He’d just bought an anchor, and as he went forward to tie it to the anchor line, he slipped and fell overboard.

Why Raising the Minimum Wage Is a Really Bad Idea

While intentions may sincere, increasing the Minimum Wage is a really bad idea for small business owners. There is a much better way.

Do You Need to Get Money Now For Your Business?

You may be aware that to acquire money now, simply going to the local banker is just not an option any longer. The words get all jumbled together and just don’t seem to fit:small business loans bad credit. But, you may not realize that a banker is not your only option. Look into how financing small business loans might work for you. There are many different roads which may lead to you receiving an optimal unsecured line of credit.