Bodycam Video Shows Suicidal Man Grab Police Officer's Gun, Gets Tased

Bodycam Video Shows Suicidal Man Grab Police Officer’s Gun, Gets Tased

Small Business and Six Sigma: A Mismatch?

In light of recessionary pressures, there have been efforts to expose small business to Six Sigma principles and practices to help them enhance profitability. However, before you decide to invest in this strategy, here’s something very important you should know.

Online Versus Offline Business Directories – A Comparison

Business directories have existed in the form of printed yellow pages and directories. People have always relied on these directories to search for businesses and service providers.

Office Stationery Items And Office Equipments

Office is a place where you depend on numerous electronic gadgets and other stationery products to complete the daily workload. Such items are indispensible accessories and play a pivotal role in the day-to-day administration and smooth functioning of various office duties.

Buying a Business

Before getting into business you will need to find what type of business you believe you are qualified to run and would enjoy owning. This should be based on your own skills, interests, personality and location (unless it is an online business) but in saying that you should still take an interest in the business overall. Working out this first hurdle will help you determine which type of business will provide you with the life style you desire, and hopefully turn a profit in your new business venture. Finding a business to purchase should be the final step in a process that begins with self-evaluation and a deep financial assessment.

Branding and Documented Systems Add Value to a Business When It’s Time to Sell

A business valuation is not about what a company is worth in the current owner’s hands, it’s about the company’s transferable value. Therefore, the factors that contribute to the company’s stability and consistency will be examined by prospective buyers to determine the risks associated with taking over the business. A unique brand identity that distinguishes your business from your competitors lowers perceived risk and translates to higher value.